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It takes a lot for any parent to raise a child, It is even a more difficult task for the working parent, I have been there my whole life up until I married my husband. It takes special skills to work and be a parent, it takes a different type of special skill to stay at home and be a parent. Each choice can be difficult for any parent and it is all to difficult to get everything done and keep a clean home as a parent who works and is single.

This site is one that is designed with all parents in mind, no matter what the married status is, the gender or the ability to stay at home or the struggle of being a working parent who has to do it all on their own. I have created this webpage so that parents could read the different blogs that are posted and relate to some of the stories or perhaps with my parenting style find answers and ideas.

Our children are a blessing and one important thing that we must remember when we are raising these little blessings no matter what, is that these children are our future and what we want for our future and our country will determine what we display, educate and take the time to show our children. What ways we impact the life of our children will change our futue for our country as they are the next generation to be leading this country.

The struggle of parenting is always real, there are never black and white answers, right or wrong answers and each child is unique and so what works for one child may not work for the other child. It is very important that we see that the future of not just our children and their success is determined by us but we must think about how do we want for our country to be when they grow up, what do we want for them to change about our country and how do we want to encourage them to make that change.

We shape our future through our children and we are the ones that in the end no matter what they do with their lives, we will be looked at as the ones that created the person that they grow to be through the time we take and the way that we raise them.

Thank you for visiting and following this blog as the stories are real just as much as the struggles.

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